How the successful restaurant of 2050 will look like?

Fine dining restaurants will disappear in 2030

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Create the restaurant of the future

Many things are about to impact fine dining restaurants such as new technologies or new habits. We believe in a specific vision for the successful restaurant of the future. Our goal is to raise awareness on how important restaurants are in our society and why, we are willing to create a movement of restaurant-related professionals to stand for the following ideas: 

- A restaurant must have more than 4 years life span
- A restaurant must be able to hire enough people and offer them a normal work life balance
- A restaurant must treat food with respects
- A restaurant must be based on humans, genuine stories and values and not let technology change that


Through this initiative, we invite you to tell the world via your social media with the hashtag #restaurantofthefuture, why do fine dining restaurants deserve a place in our future society?



Do you agree?

In collaboration with ChefSache, help us create a movement by creating,building and protecting the fine dining restaurant of the future. We intend to create a community of like-minded professionals willing to understand and stand for a vision. In the meantime, you can help us awake society by donating to our Indiegogo campaign. Your money will be used to create the first ever platform dedicated to restaurant professionals willing to build the successful restaurant of the future.